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Ottawa Landlords – Let’s Fix The Residential Tenancies Act To Encourage More Investment In Residential Rental Properties

May 28th, 2016 · No Comments · Latest News, Ontario Landlords Association, Ottawa landlords

Ontario Landlords Association Wants A Better System For Small Residential Landlords in Ontario

The Ontario Landlords Association is Working Together with the Ontario Provincial Government To Improve The Residential Tenancies Act To Encourage More High Quality Affordable Housing in the Province. This Will Help Both Good Landlords and Good Tenants!

According to a report at the Ontario Landlords Association the Ontario government is looking to encourage more people to invest in residential rental properties in our province.

According to Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Ted McMeekin too many small residential landlords are not renting out spaces in their homes because they simply do not want to deal with problematic tenants. The government views the supply of high quality rentals units (such as basement apartments) as an important aspect of creating affordable housing in Ontario.

Why Does The Ontario Government Want More Affordable Rental Housing?

With property prices rising dramatically in many parts of Ontario, the Liberal government is rightly concerned that people who cannot afford to buy their own home have the opportunity to rent a place.

Why Aren’t Tenants Simply Buying Their Own Places?

It’s because of the rise in prices.

Many people, especially younger people, simply can’t afford to buy a condo, townhouse or detached home near their work-place. Not being able to live and commute to their place of work harms not only the livelihoods of many people, but also harms the provincial economy.

What is Being Proposed By the Provincial Government to Deal With This?

Thanks to the constant message being sent by small landlords and small landlord groups such as the Ontario Landlords Association the government has become aware of the challenges faced by small landlords and the difficulties presented with the current laws and procedures of the Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).

Wow, That’s Good News? How Did This Happen?

It’s important news for all good landlords and good tenants in Ontario. 

It’s because after years of not having a real voice, small landlords finally do and the message was made loud and clear and received by the government who want to improve the situation.

Premier Kathleen Wynne used to the be the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing before becoming Premier. During that time, Wynne was in regular contact with the Ontario Landlords Association and heard the concerns of tens of thousands of landlords in Ottawa and across the province. Premier Wynne was always eager to listen to the concerns of both landlords and tenants and our message was received.

Current Housing Minister McMeekin has also reached out to the OLA and wants to help small landlords succeed.

What About Changes For Ottawa Landlords?

Ottawa landlords face the same challenges as other landlords across Ontario. While the majority of tenants pay their rent on time and respect the rights of their landlord there are also bad tenants who abuse the system.

How Can I Get My Ideas For Changes to the System for Ontario Landlords Heard?

The Ontario Landlords Association is making a formal proposal to the Ministry and preparing meetings. Check out their site and make sure your voice is heard for positive change for small residential landlords!

Ottawa Landlords Make Your Voice Heard! Let’s Improve the Residential Tenancies Act and Landlord and Tenant Board and Improve the Rental Industry in Ontario.

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