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Ottawa Landlords Credit Checks 2021

March 31st, 2021 · landord credit checks, Naborly, Ontario Landlord Credit Check, Ottawa landlords, Uncategorized

Ottawa landlords credit checks

Ottawa Landlords Can Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a One-Time Registration Fee. Get Credit Checks for Only $9.95/Check With The Leading Background Screening Company in Canada

Successful Ottawa landlords know how important it is to rent to good tenants.

We’ve been hit by a rent freeze.

This along with huge delays in getting an LTB hearing and eviction shut downs, you need to make sure you know who you are renting to before handing over the keys.

It’s essential every small landlord runs a credit check to make sure they know who they are renting to.

It’s now also essential landlords understand the need to use the most professional companies to run these checks and avoid scams.

You Can Stand Out To Great Tenants As A Professional Win-Win Oriented Landlord By Using Services From the Leading Background Check Provider In Canada

Recently there have been a lot of shady small start-up companies that are offering “services” for small landlords.

These companies have upset good tenants because of things like secretly adding them to illegal “bad tenant lists”, allowing defamatory comments on their sites and even not even requiring tenants to consent for their information being used.

There are already investigations, disputes, and lawsuits starting and lots of negative media and reports.

It’s a ticking time-bomb that you need to avoid.

Let’s face it- the best tenants are going to avoid landlords who use shady services and want to rent from landlords who use the best!.

If you were a great tenant you would want a landlord who runs credit checks with the leading background check company in Canada (With Your Privacy Protected)!

You and your rental property will stand out when you partner with TRITON to find great tenants. Using TRITON means you are a pro and tenants love it.


TRITON credit checks provide all the information a landlord needs and more more. You get scores, employment info., addresses, bankruptcy info and more…everything you need to choose whether to rent to someone or not.

2. TENANTS CAN TRUST TRITON (Unlike shady start ups)

Tenants can trust TRITON! In carrying out its business, Triton gathers personal information about individuals from individual clients or from employer clients. Triton is committed to excellence in protecting the privacy of personal information. Triton continually reviews and updates its procedures to protect the privacy of individuals.

TRITON provides information to landlords, but also doesn’t defame or ‘play games’ with tenants who agree to run a credit check.

TRITON has clear rules for accountability, the purpose of the credit check, requiring tenants consent, limiting the information sent to only what is needed, limiting use, disclosure and retention of personal data, accuracy of data, safeguards, openness,  individual access, and a clear complaints process if tenants think their data has been misused.

Tenants can trust landlords who use TRITON for their background checks.


Let your potential tenants know you are a professional landlords who avoids shady start up companies and your partner TRITON is the leading background check company in Canada!

-TRITON has been running checks in Canada for over 50 years.

-The company runs criminal checks with the RCMP

-TRITON credit checks are based on real data from Transunion that you can trust not phony “AI” and defamatory comments.

-TRITON is the leading background check company in Canada and also provides checks for:

The Ontario government

The Canadian Olympic Committee

Bell Canada

McDonald’s Canada


Take Control Of Your Rental Business and Succeed!

Tenants respect landlords who are professional and use the best services. They feel confident in you and will rent from you over other landlords who are not as professional.

Become an OLA member and the savings is incredible when you run a premium TRITON credit check on your potential tenants.

Non-Member Price: $24.95 per check (+$75.00 Set Up Fee)

OLA Members Price: $9.95 per check (No Set Up Fee)

Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a One-Time Registration Fee. Get Credit Checks for Only $9.95/Check With The Leading Background Screening Company in Canada!

Click Here To Join The OLA As We Work For Professionalism and Win-Win Outcomes Between Landlords and Tenants: Find Great Tenants

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How Much Can Ottawa Landlords Raise The Rent in 2021?

August 30th, 2020 · landlord advocacy, Ontario Landlords Association membership, Ottawa landlords, ottawa landlords success 2020, Uncategorized

Ontario Landlords Can Raise The Rent By 0% in 2021 (Rent Freeze!)

A report at the Ontario Landlords Association said landlords are shocked at the announcement by the Minister of Housing that in 2021 there will be a “rent freeze” and small landlords will not be able to raise the rent at all!

According the Ministry:

Many Small Landlords Members Are Furious!

In the OLA forums many of members are furious at this. While our members understand the challenges tenants face, they are not happy to have their challenges put on our backs due to lack of government action:

“Why doesn’t the government just help out tenants instead of pushing their policy failures on the back of small landlords?”

“How about stopping our property taxes for a year? How about capping insurance rates and condo fees?”

“I haven’t raised the rent on my long term tenants for years. But now the idea of not being able to is total overreach and frightening for my business.”

How Did They Come Up With This Figure?

The Ontario annual Rent Increase Guideline has always been based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is a measure of inflation.

It’s calculated monthly by statistics Canada.

So The CPI Is Zero Percent?

No, the 2021 rent increase guideline of 0%is purely political and breaks the current law!

OLA Member Predicted A Rent Freeze August 12, 2020

An OLA member with contacts in the bureaucracy and in the LTB stated this would happen as a political ploy to appease renters who are not getting the support they need in things such as interest free loans and grants.

How can pay for my increased costs when renters aren’t even paying and I can’t increase rent?

The 2021 Rent Increase Is 0%. It’s Unjust and Unfair

Rents are now frozen.

Small Ontario landlords need to raise rents to continue to maintain our safe and attractive properties. Instead of helping tenants in this crisis, the burden being put on struggling small landlords.

This not only unfair, it’s cruel and we call for a re-examining of this ridiculous policy. If the aim is to get every small landlord/investor to sell their units as soon as they can evict their non-paying tenants, it’s great.

Get ready for the big sell-off

If government policy is to promote more great people investing in rentals across Ontario and creating more high quality, affordable housing, it’s a disaster. 

Saner heads need to prevail.

If not it would seem to many of our members that small landlords are not welcome in the Province of Ontario.

Wasn’t the Ford PC slogan “Make Ontario Open For Business Again”?

Many landlords and investors are feeling betrayed. Feels like Bob Rae 2.0. And we know what happened during the next election for Rae in 1995.

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Ottawa Landlords – Landlord And Tenant Board (LTB) Is Open!

August 10th, 2020 · evictions, landlord and tenant board, landord credit checks, Latest News, ltb, Ontario Landlords Association, ontario landlords watch

ottawa landlords landlord and tenant board ltb open

Ottawa landlords have been waiting for months and the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is open at last!

Ottawa landlords will be happy to know things are getting better.  According to Ontario Landlords Association the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board is finally open again.

With so many filings cases that were heard before the pandemic will take priority. Many of these cases had already been heard but there wasn’t an eviction because the Sheriff’s Office was closed from March to August.

You can now get a Hearing date to evict you tenant if they haven’t paid you rent or have done damages to your rental property.

While tenant activists are trying to stop Ottawa landlords from going to the LTB you have access and finally have access to the legal system.

The Landlord And Tenant Board Is Now Open And Ottawa Landlords Can Evict Tenants

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Run Credit Checks For Only $9.95/Check (With Scores)

August 1st, 2020 · landlord advocacy, landord credit checks, Latest News, Naborly

You Can Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a Low One-Time Registration Fee and Start Running Premium Credit Checks for Only $9.95/Check To Find Great Tenants. 

With the current crisis going on it’s more important than ever for landlords to carefully screen your tenants. This always includes running a credit check to make sure your potential renters have a history of paying their bills.

When you join our landlord community you get multiple tools for you to succeed during good times and bad. For over a decade the Ontario Landlords Association has been helping small landlords succeed and getting our voice heard at last.

We also want to help tenants and want to have great communication between parties and a “win win” approach. The is why we have our Pay Your Rent Campaign where we encourage tenants to cooperate with their landlord.

Make Sure A Credit Check For $9.95 Is Part Of Your Screening Process

We were the first organization to promote credit checks for small landlords in Canada. We started this over a decade ago! Our partners are very reputable and you can run a check for only less than ten dollars!

There Are Lots Of Great Tenants Out There Looking For a Great Landlord

Make sure running a credit check is part of your screening. And only for $9.95/check!

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Ottawa Landlords Need To Be Able To Evict Non-Paying Renters!

May 20th, 2020 · Dylan Lenz, evictions, Latest News, Naborly, Naborly credit checks,, Ontario Landlord Credit Check, ontario landlords watch, tenant credit checks

Landlords Across Ontario Need The Legal System Up & Running 

Small landlords are different than big REIT corporate landlords. Many of us used to rent ourselves, or we have friends and family members who rent.

We are understanding and helpful. We are patient and kind to our tenants. We want to work things out for a win-win situation. We aren’t afraid of posts on this site to help tenants.

We also need rent to be paid on time in order to survive!

Small landlords don’t have economies of scale, don’t have huge cash reserves, and many need rent paid each month just to cover our costs.

A large number of tenants are co-operating with their landlords and deferring rent or creating payment plans.

However, many tenants are not paying rent or even a portion of rent.

Many tenants even with the means to pay are simply saying “No.”

They know they cannot be evicted and are ‘gaming’ the system by not paying when they can.

In our internal polling over 60% of tenants did not pay full rent on May 1st. 


We understand many tenants are facing financial difficulties. But do not put their financial problems on the backs of small residential landlords who are also suffering.

If you think this is cruel then government can just give the tenants a grant or a loan, instead of putting all the pressure on small landlords. We have led the way lobbying for help for tenants who need it.

We need to open up the legal process and allow small landlords to evict non-paying renters.

Over 50% in our internal polling shows small landlords are going to sell if they cannot collect rent or evict non-paying tenants within the next couple of months.

This will hurt the entire rental stock of our province. Where is the long term planning by our government leaders…leaders who our members helped get elected on their promise of “making Ontario open for business.”

The Ontario Landlords Association Will Get Your Voice Heard

We are sending your ideas and concerns directly to the Premier.

Please send us your support of “Landlords Must Be Able To Evict Non-Paying Tenants” to us at

We Need To Be United and Together To Send A Strong Message!

We Need the Legal Process Working And To Be Able To Evict Non-Paying Tenants

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Naborly Credit Checks Are No Longer Free And The Company Is Engaged in A Scandal

May 13th, 2020 · amway, Dylan Lenz, landord credit checks, Latest News, Naborly, Naborly credit checks,, ontario landlords watch, ponzi scheme, tenant credit checks, Tenant screening

naborly image

Some of our Ottawa members have reported Naborly credit checks are no longer free. They are now charging $25 For a Credit Check!

Some of our Ottawa landlord members have told us they will no longer use Naborly credit checks.

For the past two years Naborly has provided free Equifax credit checks along with some “AI” checks on potential tenants.

Many of our Ottawa members have laughed at the so-called “AI” because it is not helpful and is just based on the Equifax credit check…meaning this so-call “AI” was misleading and laughable. It was a trick.

Naborly credit checks are no longer free.

The CEO of Naborly Dylan Lenz Told A Landlord Who Was Ripped Off:


Replying to

Hey Richard, you should have received an email about 2 weeks ago notifying you that we would once again have to charge for our service in order to survive as a company and avoid layoffs.


But we liked it was free to get Equifax scores so used Naborly.

Then we found we were bombarded with ads begging us to pay for other services. But we just deleted these begging emails and use the free service to get Equifax scores.

The only reason our members used Naborly was because of free Equifax scores so we ignored and laughed at:

(1) Useless So-Called Artificial Intelligence Reports

But this was so misleading because Naborly didn’t call references or view pets personally.

(2) All The Aggressive and Harassing Marketing

They would fill you email inbox with marketing other useless things to get you to pay, pay, pay!


Naborly CEO – Things are not going well when you need constant new investment in order to survive…hmmmm, what type of companies need constant new investment to survive?

(3) Naborly Scandal of April 2020 – Secretly Wanting To Report Tenants With Consent (Illegal)

They asked landlords to report if their tenants paid April 1st rent or not with telling tenants about it and getting their consent. Even tenants are mocking the Naborly CEO Dylan Lenz

See here in major media: Naborly Scandal

Now Naborly Is Not Free So We Recommend Our Ottawa Landlords Use Another Service

Naborly only was okay because it was free. Otherwise it was misleading.

Now it’s not free so we recommend our members use another service such as Rent Check or Triton that is safe, stable and secure.

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Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board Update

April 17th, 2020 · evictions, landlord advocacy, landlord and tenant board, ltb, Ontario Landlords Association, ottawa landlords success 2020

Important Notice For Ontario Landlords

The Landlord and Tenant Board is not accepting in-person submission of documents. To confirm alternative options to submit documents, email or call 1 888 332-3234 or 416 645-8080. For TTY relay service, dial 1 800 855-0511..

April 16, 2020
ServiceOntario Centres are limiting the intake of Landlord and Tenant Board applications to the following circumstances:

  • the application represents an emergency situation
  • the applicant has no access to a computer
  • the applicant’s only option for payment is by cash, certified cheque, or money order
  • other limitations to applicant’s alternate filing options.

Please visit ServiceOntario Centres for a list of locations that accept applications and documents on behalf of the LTB.

Most LTB applications can be submitted via e-file. If you can’t use e-file, send your application by mail or fax to your LTB regional office.

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Ottawa Landlords Success – Where To Get Expert Advice And Help?

January 2nd, 2020 · Latest News, ottawa landlords success 2020

ola dennis 5

Ontario Landlords Association PROTECTION MEMBERSHIP Provides a Ton Of Terrific Services AND Access to the Private Members Forum Where You Can Network And Get Help From Experienced and Successful Ontario Landlords

The news from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation was good for Ottawa landlords.

In their report CMHC said MLS sales are expected to rise in Ottawa in 2020. This growth in sales will result in prices in our region at least matching inflation.

Good News For Ottawa Landlords in 2020

Many experienced investors also feel the victory of the Liberals under Justin Trudeau is good for the area. The Liberals have stated they will increase the hiring of federal government employees and spend money on improving transportation all over Ontario. This means more jobs and that means more tenants looking for your rental property.

Ottawa Landlords Can Raise the Rent By 2.2% in 2020

According to the Ontario Landlords Association Ottawa landlords can raise the rent by 2.2 per cent in 2020.  With a combination of a decreasing vacancy rate along with higher costs to operate your business, many Ottawa landlords are going to raise the rent in 2020.

The Rent Increase in Only 2.2%?

Yes, and many landlords think it’s far too low. After all, our costs continue to rise with things such as higher taxes and higher costs for professionals to help maintain your rental property. The good news is your property might be exempt from the rent increase guideline.

Make Tenant Screening A Priority in 2020

With more renters out there and increasing costs make sure you make tenant screening a priority. Only inexperienced or naive landlords will rent to tenants based on a handshake or a ‘conversation.’

We’ve written before about what happens when landlords don’t make tenant screening a priority. Experienced and successful landlords know the key is to make sure you rent to financially responsible people.

How Do I Make Sure My Potential Tenant Is Financially Responsible (and will pay the rent)?

The way you do this is by running a credit check on every potential tenant who wants to rent from you. No matter where you live in our country Canada Landlords are aware of the importance to credit checks as part of their tenant screening system.

By running a tenant credit check you can make sure you not only “know who you are renting to” you also “know if they pay their bills on time.” A credit check is an essential tool used by experienced and successful landlords who run profitable rental properties.

Ottawa Landlords Success in 2020

With an improving market it’s important landlords make sure they increase the rent to cover their costs (at least partially) and run credit checks as part of their screening process.

By renting to good tenants and a good rental rate, Ottawa landlords are looking at a very successful New Year!

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Ontario Landlords You Can Raise The Rent 1.8% in 2019 (…But There Are New Rules You Need To Know About!)

April 13th, 2019 · landord credit checks, Latest News, Ontario Landlords Association, Tenant screening

ola new rules

Rent Increase Guideline: How Much Can Ottawa Landlords Raise the Rent in 2019?

You Might Be Able To Raise the Rent As Much As You Want!


Many Ottawa landlords are excited about our prospects in 2019. After all the economy is growing and there are lots of good tenants out there (just make sure you screen carefully to find all the good ones and avoid the pros!) 

Ottawa landlords and property investors in the surrounding regions are hard working and optimistic.

New Rules For Rental Built After November 2018!

The Ford government has made a big change that will impact some rental properties. The new law is that if your rental does not have units that were previously occupied on or before November 15, 2018 you are NOT covered by rent control (other than you can only raise the rent one time per year)

Let’s look at this more closely:

So for new construction, including new additions to existing structures, the Bill exempts from the provincial guideline, the guideline percentage portion of the rent control scheme, allowing landlords to raise the rent annually by ANY amount provided landlords give proper notice of the increase.

Experienced Ottawa landlords also know we face many challenges this year and why raising the rent is important.

1. There are Bad Tenants Out There Who Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars

There are lots of great tenants out there in 2019. These are tenants who pay the rent on time and respect you and your rental property. However, the harsh reality is you have to be careful you rent to and have to put your head in charge and not your heart when it comes to tenant screening.

Landlord Nitan Mehra owns a duplex that he describes as one of the cutest apartments you will find. He worked tirelessly and made a big investment to make it awesome with new appliances. He didn’t do his own careful tenant screening and now finds himself out thousands with a rental that is overrun by maggots, mould and feces.

He trusted others to find his tenants for him and after seven months this is how he found his super cute rental with new appliances. Get ready to be shocked because what happened was horrible…and it could happen to you.

Someone Didn’t Take The Garbage Out According to the Lease

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 1

The Clean and Modern Bathroom Has Seen Better Days

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 2

The New Appliances Don’t Look So New Anymore

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 3

The New Fridge Wasn’t Treated Well

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 4

You have to make sure to always take control of your own tenant screening. Many people can make many promises but at the end of the day it is your financial future at stake. Renting a good tenant can mean years of rent paid and your a wonderful business relationship. Remember: it’s your rental property and you take to take control of it.

2. Marijuana in Rentals

ontario landlords tenants plants marijuana grow op

This is potentially a huge issue for landlords. The federal government has made marijuana and bringing in plants legal and this will impact small landlords!

3. New Rules That Make Things Harder On Small Landlords And Protecting Bad Tenants

ola it's not fair

Not only will we have to face the marijuana issue, we faces lots of other changes. For example, we will no longer be able to go raise rent beyond the annual guideline for power usage. The new rules for Ontario Landlords are not fair.

On the OLA forum a BC landlord was amazed that Ontario landlords can’t even charge a simple damage deposit or pet deposit. This BC landlord from Surrey wondered how landlords here could survive and why there wasn’t a mass protest of changes.

Ontario Rent Increase Guideline 2019

So how much can Ottawa Landlords raise the rent in 2019? Go check out the Ontario Landlords Association page which is a grassroots group of experienced landlords who are working hard to make changes.

To:        Ontario Landlords Association

From:   Housing Policy Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

For OLA Members,

The 2019 annual rent increase guideline 1.8%

Please find links to the increase, which are available in both English and French at the Ministry website. If you have any questions about the increase please contact us.

Thank you,

Housing Policy Branch, Ministry of Housing

Am I Covered By the Rent Increase Guideline?

Previously new rentals were exempt from the guideline. However the rules changed in 2017 and now newer rentals are also under the rent increase guideline.

Many new condo owners will be unhappy to find out they are covered and can raise the rent only 1.8% (unless first rented in .

Does a 1.8% Rent Increase Cover Your Rising Landlord Costs?

Many landlords says no.  They have told us the rent increase guideline simply isn’t high enough for them to cover their ever increasing costs of doing business. Many experienced landlords say the way the province calculated the annual rent guideline is out of whack and doesn’t really look at true landlord expenses.

Ottawa Landlords Can Raise the Rent by 1.8% in 2019 as this is the Rent Increase Guideline. Does this cover your costs?  We recommend you raise the rent this year because the guideline next year might even be………..lower

..But you also might be exempt from the Rent Increase Guideline!

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Ottawa Landlords and Marijuana – Take Action To Change The Rules For Ontario Landlords

August 5th, 2018 · landlord advocacy, Latest News, marijuana, weed

Ottawa Landlords Need to Take Action To Change the Rules For Smoking And Growing Marijuana In Our Rental Properties

Ottawa landlords already face a lot of challenges.  From tenants not paying rent to renters moving and when the leave the hard working small landlord finds their Ottawa rental destroyed.

Now we face a new huge challenge.  Ontario landlords are not protected from renters smoking and growing marijuana in our rental properties. We need to lobby the government to change the Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board to protect us.  We need to Take Action!

Fortunately the Ontario Landlords Association is doing this and you can play a key role in changing the rules and laws to protect your rental business. Make sure you are aware of this very important issue and make your heard.  Take Action to make sure the new government is aware of our concerns and will change the rules and law:

Ontario landlords association take action legal marijuana

Marijuana Will Be Legal In Canada On October 17th, 2018 And The Current Rules Allow Ontario Tenants To Smoke Weed In Our Rentals and Even Grow Plants!

This Will Lead To a Disaster For Ontario Landlords.

Other Provinces Have Made Changes To Protect Landlords…And We Need Changes Too!

Ontario Landlords Need To Be Protected From Tenants Smoking Weed In Our Rental Properties and Growing Marijuana Plants.

We Need To Protect Landlords, Our Tenants, and those investing in rental properties in Ontario!

Let Premier Ford and Housing Minister Clark Know We Need Urgent Changes. 

Ontario landlords take action on marijuana weed

(click above to take action and protect landlords from tenants smoking and growing marijuana in our rentals)

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