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Ottawa Landlords and Marijuana – Take Action To Change The Rules For Ontario Landlords

August 5th, 2018 · No Comments · landlord advocacy, Latest News, marijuana, weed

Ottawa Landlords Need to Take Action To Change the Rules For Smoking And Growing Marijuana In Our Rental Properties

Ottawa landlords already face a lot of challenges.  From tenants not paying rent to renters moving and when the leave the hard working small landlord finds their Ottawa rental destroyed.

Now we face a new huge challenge.  Ontario landlords are not protected from renters smoking and growing marijuana in our rental properties. We need to lobby the government to change the Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board to protect us.  We need to Take Action!

Fortunately the Ontario Landlords Association is doing this and you can play a key role in changing the rules and laws to protect your rental business. Make sure you are aware of this very important issue and make your heard.  Take Action to make sure the new government is aware of our concerns and will change the rules and law:

Ontario landlords association take action legal marijuana

Marijuana Will Be Legal In Canada On October 17th, 2018 And The Current Rules Allow Ontario Tenants To Smoke Weed In Our Rentals and Even Grow Plants!

This Will Lead To a Disaster For Ontario Landlords.

Other Provinces Have Made Changes To Protect Landlords…And We Need Changes Too!

Ontario Landlords Need To Be Protected From Tenants Smoking Weed In Our Rental Properties and Growing Marijuana Plants.

We Need To Protect Landlords, Our Tenants, and those investing in rental properties in Ontario!

Let Premier Ford and Housing Minister Clark Know We Need Urgent Changes. 

Ontario landlords take action on marijuana weed

(click above to take action and protect landlords from tenants smoking and growing marijuana in our rentals)

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