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Ottawa Landlords: Pet Deposits, Rent Upfront and More

April 15th, 2014 · No Comments · Ontario Landlords Association, Pet deposit

Ottawa landlord tenant pet deposit rent up front

Ontario Tenants Can Now Pay a Pet Deposit and Rent Upfront To Their Landlord

There is important news every Ottawa landlord needs to know about.

You should get to the Ontario Landlords Association now and see what it’s about.

Pet Deposits and More

We have constantly heard from Ottawa landlords about the need for a legal pet deposit and damage deposit in Ontario.

There too many cases of tenants bringing in pets to their rental unit.

The pets cause damages including odours and urinating on carpets, floors, etc.

Renting to Tenants With Pets

Even pet-loving landlords are exasperated by the damages tenants with pets cause.

A Toronto landlord writes to us:

I love animals. I’m a member of PETA for Christs’ sake. What more do you want?

My tenant who just moved out had 4 cats and 3 dogs and left them in the rental property all day while she worked.

Now she’s gone and the carpets and laminate flooring smell like hell and can’t be completely cleaned.

It’s going to cost me over $5000 to replace everything…and that’s more than the money I made renting to her.

The rules for tenants with pets needs to change!” Why are the rules for Ontario landlords and tenant so prohibitive?

When Alberta landlords can even charge a non-refundable deposit for pets?

Getting Rent Upfront

Another Ottawa landlord wrote in regarding a tenant who had no credit but offered to pay one year of rent up front.

She said:

“They were new to Canada and both of them had jobs in the Ottawa area. Since they were new to here they had no credit because Equifax doesn’t do business in their home country.

They understood my concerns and offered to pay one year upfront to secure the property.

I had to say no because the Ontario landlord tenant rules are insane.

They probably would have been good tenants but I couldn’t take the risk of getting all that money, they move in, then they take me to the Landlord and Tenant Board and get it all back.”

The Rules for Landlords Have Changed

There is a very important post at the Ontario Landlords Association.

It’s essential reading for Ottawa landlords.

To read the full story click here: Ontario Tenants Can Pay Upfront

Where Did This Information Come From?

It’s based on a Toronto Star article that says tenants can now offer rent upfront.

This includes offering deposits for pets.

It’s all about a case called Tenant Alison Convers vs. Landlord Tanveer Bumbia.

In this case the judge ruled that tenants are allowed to offer a landlord extra rent and a deposit (except the landlord still cannot request it).

It could have very important implications for tenants and landlords in Ontario.

Ottawa landlords, knowledge is power.

Keep up to date on landlord and tenant issues by reading our blog for Ottawa landlords.

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